An activity to introduce learners to the features of a leaf.

This is a fun way to explore concepts such as comparing/contrasting, grouping, categorising and measurement.

What to do

  1. Have fun collecting a range of different leaves. Try to take fallen leaves rather than picking them from plants.
  2. Introduce learners to the features of a leaf – size, shape, edges, patterns, arrangement on the stem, leaf coating, texture, colour and other aspects.
  3. Explore the textures, colours and patterns of leaves. For example, the māhoe leaf pictured has a smooth texture and papery feel, bright green colour, and lined patterns and veins.
  4. Use the leaf features guide to group the leaves you found.
  5. Write descriptions and or stories about the leaves you have collected in your nature journal.
  6. You could also use the leaves you have collected to create some leaf art.

Leaf from a māhoe/whiteywood tree
Image: Shan Walker ©

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