Get moving in nature
Image: Annabelle Studholme | ©


Enjoy time outside playing, dancing, walking, and having fun.

Nature play

With siblings, pets or whānau, go outside and play – tag, hide and seek, paper darts, imagination games, charades. Dress for the weather and enjoy time together outside laughing, moving, playing or just being silly.

Dance outside

Dancing is as fun as it is good for us. Anyone and everyone can dance.

Take your favourite music outside on a fine day and move to your own groove in your back yard. Dancing is a great way to be creative and tune in to your body. How could you move in a way you have never moved before? Maybe someone in your whānau wants to join you?

Dancing in the rain is also fun – just dress for the occasion.

Night light walk

Make the most of the sunset. All you need is a fine night, a warm coat and an adult. Set out before dark to make the most of the colour explosions in the sky as the sun sets. Enjoy the sounds and smells and feelings of night.

Don’t forget to look up and count the stars once they are out! Which ones are the biggest? Which ones twinkle the best?

Leaf magic

Raking autumn leaves in the back yard is a great help. It will clean up the garden and you can make compost with them. But first there is a lot of leaf magic to be had.

  • Enjoy building a pile to leap in, a nest to curl up in, a mountain to hide under or a great leaf fight.
  • Collect your favourite leaves and save them for leaf art later. It will keep you smiling all day.

Choose a fine spell, when the leaves are not too wet.

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