Track the phases of the moon, and make a star wheel to identify constellations in the night sky above your home.

Night sky map

  1. Explore the night sky above your home using the Night Sky Map.
  2. Enter the suburb in the ‘City name’ search bar and start exploring.

Phases of the moon

  1. Print the Phases of the moon worksheet (PDF, 465K).
  2. Look at the moon each night and record its phases on the worksheet.

Identify constellations with a star wheel

Make the star wheel

  1. Print and cut out:
  2. If you have cardboard handy, eg a cereal box, glue your print outs onto the cardboard to strengthen them. Leave to dry before using.
  3. Place the wheel inside the holder.

How to use the star wheel

  1. Find the time you want to observe on the inside of the wheel
  2. Match it to the date on the outside of the wheel. Make sure to check whether you are using standard time or daylight saving time. See the photo example for help.
  3. Orient your wheel north south.
  4. Look up and see how your star wheel and the sky match up – can you name the constellations now?

Assembled star wheel.
How to use the finished star wheel

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