A nature scrapbook is a fun and creative activity that leaves you with somewhere to keep your treasured materials from nature.

What you need

  • A4 paper – white and coloured/patterned
  • Adhesives – double-sided tape or glue
  • Scissors
  • Camera, computer, printer or old magazines
  • Drawing pens, pencils, coloured pencils or crayons
  • Stapler or ribbon and hole punch—to put scrapbook together

Make your scrap book

Find materials

Get out in your backyard or the local park and collect materials for your scrapbook – leaves, bark, twigs, dandelions, or things you think are interesting that nature doesn't need anymore. Don't pick leaves or flowers still on trees, or take a bird's nest for example.

If you, or mum and dad has a camera, get some photos of things you can't put into your book such as big plants, or New Zealand species.

While you're at it, get some pictures of the sky, some grass, or pretty flowers to use as backgrounds, and a picture of yourself outdoors for your cover page.

Make background pages

Make your background pages.

If you snapped some photos while you were out, you could print these out for your background.

Otherwise you could draw a background of what you think nature looks like, or stick some dried leaves on a page. You could find a  tree with an interesting bark pattern and take a piece of white paper, place it on top of the bark and gently rub a crayon over the paper until the bark pattern appears.

Decorate your pages

3. Once you've made your background pages you can start sticking materials you collected onto the pages (don't forget to save one page for your title page).

You might want to have a different theme for each page, for example:

  • 'My favourite New Zealand species lives in…'
  • 'My favourite place in New Zealand is… '
  • 'My favourite thing to do in the garden is…'
  • 'My favourite plant is…'

Or you might just want to fill each page with something interesting you found—but try not to overload each page with materials. Try drawing your own pictures, or cutting nature pictures from magazines for your scrapbook.

On each page you could include a short fact or explanation of what's on the page. Write this on a piece of paper, cut it out into an interesting shape and stick it on the page.

Make the cover

You could draw the letters in 'Nature' in block form on coloured paper and cut them out. Or choose a font you like on the computer and print the word out for you to cut and stick on.

Once you have your title stuck on, you can stick on the photo or the picture you drew of yourself outside.

You could draw a border around your picture, or stick some of the materials you collected around your picture—it's up to you!

Put it all together

Once you've finished all your pages it's time to put your scrapbook together. You can put your pages in a clearfile folder, with each page in a separate pocket, or (with mum or dad's help) you can staple or bind the pages together with ribbon by punching holes into the pages for your ribbon to be thread through.

Don't forget to be creative, cut some pictures in different shapes, use heaps of different colours, and most importantly, show how much you love nature.

Kids drawing at a table.

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