News media can apply for a Media Access Permit to film on public conservation land if they are covering issues that are topical, timely and in the public interest.

Under the Conservation Act, anyone who wants to film for commercial reasons on public conservation land must have prior authorisation from DOC. This is to manage the impact of the activity on wildlife and protected areas and to ensure that all people, including staff, visitors and the media are safe.

The Media Access Permit process is used when media need permission to film/access public conservation land at short notice. 

Who can apply

A Media Access Permit is only for mainstream media covering news and issues that are in the public interest. It may include the use of a drone or helicopter if required. If the issue is not topical, timely and in the public interest you will need to apply for a filming concession.

You cannot apply for a Media Access Permit if you are a commercial documentary maker, film company, advertiser, or social media influencer. You will need to apply for a filming concession.

Apply for a filming concession. 

Apply for a Media Access Permit

Contact to lodge an application. Include the details of where and when you require access to conservation land.

If your application is urgent call our media team on +64 4 496 1911 to discuss it as soon as possible.

We aim to process each Media Access Permit application within 24–48 hours.

Note: Depending on the area local entry permits may also be required. You will be advised of any additional permits required when you make your application.

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