DOC, in partnership with UNESCO, NIWA, and Forest & Bird, ran a photo competition to celebrate biodiversity. View the winning photos.

Date:  05 August 2010

Biodiversity captured in photos

Mandy and Merryn in front of their photos.
Mandy Hague and Merryn Giblin in front of their photos
Image: Dave Allen, NIWA ©

Merryn receiving award.
Dr Andrew Matthews of UNESCO presents Merryn with her award
Image: Dave Allen, NIWA ©

Over 130 people attended an event at Wellington’s ZEALANDIA during Conservation Week 2010 to recognise the winners of the national Biodiversity Captured photo competition.

The competition, run by DOC, NZ National Commission for UNESCO, NIWA, and Forest & Bird, was to celebrate New Zealand’s unique plant and animal life and to mark the 2010 UN International Year of Biodiversity.

Photographers were asked to ‘get clicking’ and take photos that captured different elements of New Zealand’s biodiversity.

More than 350 photos were received, from amateur and professional photographers from a wide range of age groups. The photographs were judged both on technical merit and on relevance to the theme of the competition.

Wildlife photographers Craig Potton, Kim Westerskov, and Norman Heke from Te Papa judged the competition. The competition had sections for ‘Land and Sky’, ‘Water’ and ‘People and Biodiversity’, with an adult and youth category for each section.

“There was wide diversity among the entries, both in subject matter and approach. It reinforced the idea behind the contest of biodiversity,” says judge Kim Westerskov.

The winners of each theme, under both young and adult categories, won a cash prize of $300.The overall winner received a $1000 cash prize, and runner-up $500.

The photos have been on display at Zealandia and Te Papa National Museum in Wellington.


  • Overall winner: Mandy Hague, winner of the 'water' category (adult)
  • Overall runner up: Dillon Anderson, winner of the 'land and sky' category (adult)

White-faced heron catching shrimp.
Overall winner: White-faced heron catching shrimp
Image: Mandy Hague ©

Fantail in bushes.
Winner (youth): Fantail
Image: Merryn Giblin ©


Logos of UNESCO, Forest & Bird, NIWA, and the 2010 International Year of Biodiversity.

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