In the “Department of Conservation's Statutory Planning Processes

There are some other statutory processes that often people think DOC is responsible for, when in fact it is not. It is important to know who you should be talking to on the various processes. Sometimes, DOC has a role to play in the process, for example as an interested party or a submitter, but it does not administer the whole of the process and does not make the decisions. Some good examples of things DOC is involved with, but doesn’t manage, are:

The Resource Management Act. The government department responsible for the RMA is the Ministry for the Environment, but it is administered at a local level by territorial authorities in accordance with district and regional plans.

The RMA is primarily the responsibility of the Minister for the Environment, but the Minister of Conservation has some roles under the RMA. These are;

  • the approval of New Zealand coastal policy statements.
  • the approval of regional coastal plans.
  • decisions on applications for coastal permits in relation to restricted coastal activities.

DOC monitors the effect and implementation of New Zealand coastal policy statements and coastal permits granted by the Minister of Conservation.

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