In the “Department of Conservation's Statutory Planning Processes

One important thing to note when you read the general policies is the significance of public participation in conservation. The general policies aim to engage people who are interested in public conservation lands and waters, to help improve conservation in New Zealand. This guide is about having your say in DOC planning processes but there are other ways to be involved in conservation, which you can check out on this website. The “Getting involved” and “Consulting On” sections of the site are always worth having a look at. While you’re here it might pay to sign up to “What’s up DOC?”, a weekly email newsletter which is a list of new links that have been added to the DOC website. As well as being able to keep up with conservation news, you can keep an eye on a plan or policy you are interested in and how the process is moving along.

Drop in on DOC. Why not drop in to your local DOC office to talk over an issue that you are interested in? Ring the office first to make a time to see the relevant staff member, and explain your interest in the particular issue.

Keep tabs on the media. Watch out for articles about your issue in the newspaper. Newspapers generally report on any public meetings and issues arising from them. Check the newspapers for public notices about calls for submissions, hearings and public meetings.

Get nominated to a Conservation Board. Each year, the Minister of Conservation calls for nominations for positions on the Conservation Boards around the country. These boards provide valuable guidance to the Department.

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