The Game Animal Council represents the game animal hunting sector.

The Game Animal Council is a statutory body established on 28 November 2013 under the Game Animal Council Act. It represents the interests of the hunting sector and improves the management of hunting resources while contributing to positive conservation outcomes.

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Proposal to establish a game trophy export levy

Consultation is now open on a proposal to establish a game trophy export levy for the Game Animal Council. Section 22 of the Game Animal Council Act provides that:

A person must not export a game trophy from New Zealand that is a souvenir of an animal hunted and killed in New Zealand on or after the day this Act comes into force unless the person pays to the Council the game trophy export levy prescribed (if any) in respect of that trophy.

Before recommending a levy to fund the Game Animal Council, the Minister is required by the legislation to accurately determine how much funding is required, and the likely impact of the levy on ‘affected people, goods and industries’. A consultation document has been prepared to address these requirements by providing information on the Council’s operating budget, and seeking your input on the impacts you think the proposed levy might have.

Have your say on the consultation. Closing date for consultation is 13 February 2017.

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