Northland Conservation Board 2018 Updates

Maungaraho Rock
Image: Alan Cressler | DOC


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June updates

March meeting highlights

22 and 23 March 2018 - Hokianga

Northland Conservation Board members travelled to Waipoua Forest to do the twilight ‘Footprints’ tour of the forests majestic kauri trees. Our guide Merepaea was incredibly knowledgeable about the forest, our culture and the disease that is slowing killing our kauri trees – kauri dieback. It was promising to see the improved wash stations at both the Tane Mahuta and Te Matua Ngāhere sites. 

The kauri dieback website has resources that can be shared and information about dieback, including what each of us can do to help save our kauri. The tour took over 3 hours and we highly recommend encouraging visitors and locals to take the tour of the forest with Merepaea – or to visit one of the well signposted walks throughout the Waipoua Forest.

The following day, the Board met at the Opononi Hotel for its formal meeting. Various matters were tabled and discussed. The Board nominated the new Chair Nicole Anderson, with Willie Wright as Deputy Chair. Other attendees included Kauri Coast Acting Operations Manager Karen Joyce-Paki, NRC Councillor Justin Blaikie, Alex Hawke of the Auckland Conservation Board, and members of the public.

NCB members and guide
Members of the Board and Footprints tour guide. From left to right: Adrienne Tari, Nicole Anderson, Luana Pirihi, Alan Martin, Merepaera, Willie Wright
Photo:  DOC

Cleaning station at Te Matua Ngahere
Board members using the cleaning station at Te Matua Ngāhere
Photo:  DOC

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