In the “South Island wilding conifer strategy

Successful implementation of this Wilding Conifer Strategy for the South Island requires achievement of the right balance between each of the four components of the strategy: advocacy, liaison, research and control. Work in each of these component areas has the potential to reduce the threat posed by wilding conifers to DOC-administered land in the South Island.

It is tempting to advocate that wilding conifer control must be the most important action taken by the Department to protect biodiversity values and other values on the land it administers. However, while control is important, there are advocacy, liaison and research actions that, if successful, may reduce the potential extent or cost of control, or may ensure that the control effort is more sustainable.

Priority actions in each of the four component areas are listed and discussed below. Not all possible actions are listed; only those that are considered essential or very desirable to ensure that the Department is able to meet its statutory obligation to protect the values of the land it administers from the spread of wilding conifers.

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