In the “South Island wilding conifer strategy

Wilding conifers pose a significant threat to indigenous ecosystems, populations of rare species, landscape character, historic and cultural values, recreation opportunities and commercial land uses throughout the South Island. Wilding conifer spread is widespread, variable in its effects on conservation values, and indiscriminate in the tenure of land that it affects.

The Department of Conservation is unlikely to ever have sufficient resources to control all wilding conifer infestations. For this reason, a strategy is required to ensure that wilding conifer control is carefully targeted to yield maximum conservation benefit. However, a strategy must address more than just wilding conifer control. Advocacy to convince others of the need for wilding conifer control, liaison with other land managers to coordinate control efforts, and research to improve threat assessment and control actions, are all required to help ensure that wilding control is effective and sustainable.

These four components of the Wilding Conifer Control Strategy are discussed in this chapter.

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