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Table 8

Poison Product Brief Precautions Recommended uses
Campaign Pellets (Distributed by Key Industries) Cereal based bait, for killing possums. Acrive ingredients cholecalciferol, vitamin D3 (calcium). Cholecalciferol mobilises stores of calcium from the bones into the bloodstream: elevated blood calcium will cause death within a few days. A single feed of 10 - 15 g will be leathal to possums. Low toxicity to bird-life and humans, but potentially hazardous to dogs (or cats used to dry foods). Insoluble in water and degrades in the presence of heat, light and oxygen. Follow manufacturer's handling recommendations. Controls possums. Must be used in bait stations only, out of reach of children, stock and pets. Use 100 g - 200 g per station per 100m or per hectare. Inspect and replace until no more bait is taken.
FeraCol (Distributed by Feral Control) Oil-based peanut flavouredpaste containing cholecalciferol, vitamin D3 in a concentrate form, toxic to possums (low tolerance to calcium). See above for poison effects.  Pets and farm dogs should be discouraged from eating poisoned carcasses. Low risk to the environment and non-target species as it is metabolised and is completely biodegradeable. Follow manufacturer's handling recommendations. Use biodegradeable bait bags provided; nail to a wooden frame away from the reach of children and domestic animals. Position the bait in an obvious area of possum activity.
Pindone Possum Pellets and Pindone Rabbit Pellets (Distributed by Pest Management Services) A poisonous cereal based bait, dyed green to discourage birds. Contains Pindone in the form of a bait. A slow-acting anti-coagulant that must be consumed for several days. The toxin reduces blood clotting resulting in internal haemorrhage. Death occurs 4-11 days after consumption. Avoid contamination of any water supply with bait or empty container. Handle with extreme care; follow manufacturer's handling recommendations. Remove all stock from the area being treated and withhold for 4 weeks. Use enough bait to feed for two days and repeat if necessary. Use bait stations for possums and broadcast according to instructions for rabbit control. Do not bait if heavy rain is expected within 1 day, unless protected from rain.

Poisons and bait stations are available from horticultural and farm supply outlets. Only licensed operators can apply other poison baits. For a list of operators, consult your regional council, district/city council or DOC.

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