August 2014
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The Whangarei Kiwi Sanctuary was established in 2000 to protect the rapidly declining population of the Northland provenance of the Northland brown kiwi.

Since the creation of the Whangarei Kiwi Sanctuary, the focus was primarily on protecting kiwi through predator control using traps and toxins, and monitoring a sample of kiwi to ascertain the effects of the protection. However, because predation on kiwi by dogs is the strongest driver of population trends in Northland (de Monchy et al., 2009) it was decided in 2008/2009 that the dog issue needed to be addressed. The 'Dog Campaign' is being driven by a 'dogs and kiwi' community relations engagement plan that was completed in June 2011.  

Another important document that is guiding the actions of the Whangarei Kiwi Sanctuary team is the Northland Brown Kiwi Taxon Plan. The taxon plan sets goals for Northland brown kiwi recovery and describes in detail the management and research actions required to achieve and maintain these goals.

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