In the “Pāteke survival guide

It is best to avoid setting nets in pāteke areas as the risk of entanglement is high. If nets are set they should be attended at all times and submerged to avoid catching pāteke. Set nets must comply with Ministry of Fisheries regulations:

  • Any net or nets used either individually or jointly must not extend more than a quarter of the way across any bay, channel, river, stream or sound.
  • Nets must not be set in a way that causes fish to be stranded by the falling tide.
  • The use of stakes to secure nets is prohibited.
  • Each end of a net must have a surface buoy permanently and legibly marked with the fisher’s initials and surname.
  • Set nets must not exceed 60 metres in length.
  • Nets must not be set within 60 metres of another net.
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