August 2008
This is a guiding document to assist agencies, community groups and landowners involved in kiwi and kiwi habitat protection in the greater Kaitaia Area.


The Kaitaia area contains the northern-most population of the northern North Island brown kiwi. Isolated populations of kiwi are scattered throughout the district with densities ranging from very few birds to areas where much higher densities average 30 calls per hour. All of these populations are under threat due to ongoing habitat loss and predation. However, recent experience in kiwi recovery shows that with adequate landowner support and resourcing these populations can be retained.

Kiwi remain in the Far North because of people’s past and present commitment to them. This document has been developed to provide some strategic guidance and support to all agencies, individuals, community and landcare groups involved in kiwi protection within the Kaitaia area.

This document is a practical guide and reference booklet and should be read in conjunction with other strategic documents under which it sits. The summary of the roles of agencies and individuals involved in the protection of kiwi will help you understand what support they can provide and where you can go for information and assistance in kiwi protection. It also provides some ideas for future planning and networking to enhance the recovery of local kiwi populations.

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Funded by Biodiversity Advice Fund

Written by Wendy Sporle of RITO: Conservation advocacy, education and design.

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