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What you’ll see

Steep, exposed rocky islands and squid swimming in dark deep waters introduce this clip. Elephant seals, crested penguins, and sea lions are seen on the island shores. Dense schools of squid then give way to footage of sea lions – including swimming, males chasing females, lazing on the beach and even giving birth.

The following clips are of albatross, mollymawk and petrel seabird species on land, at nesting sites and at sea. The clip ends with the on-screen message “Currently 84% of New Zealand’s seabird species are threatened”.

What you’ll learn

This is New Zealand’s second largest marine reserve, extending out to deep sea ecosystems at 3000 m depth.

Marine mammals are common in the sub-Antarctic waters with arrow squid forming an important part of many species’ diets. The threatened southern right whale, yellow-eyed penguin and New Zealand sea lion, the world’s rarest sea lion, all breed here.

New Zealand has more endemic seabirds than any other country in the world. Above water the Auckland Island marine area is teeming with seabirds, including albatrosses and petrels, which feed in the waters of this reserve.

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