A report on the abundance and size of spiny lobster (also known as crayfish and rock lobster) at sites within Cape Rodney–Okakari Point (Goat Island) and Tāwharanui Marine Reserves, and at nearby fished sites in 2014. Published 2015.

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Factsheet: Counting rock lobsters to monitor ecosystem health (PDF, 14,900K)

Report: 2014 lobster monitoring report (PDF, 2,960K)

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In 2014, spiny lobster (Jasus edwardsii) population abundance and size was evaluated at sites within Cape Rodney–Okakari Point Marine Reserve, Tāwharanui Marine Reserve, and unprotected control sites. 

This survey was the eighth for Cape Rodney–Okakari Point and unprotected control sites and the second for Tāwharanui under a formal monitoring programme established in 2000. Sampling was last undertaken within these sites in 2009.

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