In the “New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

  1. Identify areas in the coastal environment that are potentially affected by coastal hazards (including tsunami), giving priority to the identification of areas at high risk of being affected. Hazard risks, over at least 100 years, are to be assessed having regard to:
    1. physical drivers and processes that cause coastal change including sea level rise;
    2. short-term and long-term natural dynamic fluctuations of erosion and accretion;
    3. geomorphological character;
    4. the potential for inundation of the coastal environment, taking into account potential sources, inundation pathways and overland extent;
    5. cumulative effects of sea level rise, storm surge and wave height under storm conditions;
    6. influences that humans have had or are having on the coast;
    7. the extent and permanence of built development; and
    8. the effects of climate change on:
      1. matters (a) to (g) above;
      2. storm frequency, intensity and surges; and
      3. coastal sediment dynamics;
      taking into account national guidance and the best available information on the likely effects of climate change on the region or district.
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