In the “New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

  1. Control use of vehicles, apart from emergency vehicles, on beaches, foreshore, seabed and adjacent public land where:
    1. damage to dune or other geological systems and processes; or
    2. harm to ecological systems or to indigenous flora and fauna, for example marine mammal and bird habitats or breeding areas and shellfish beds; or
    3. danger to other beach users; or
    4. disturbance of the peaceful enjoyment of the beach environment; or
    5. damage to historic heritage; or
    6. damage to the habitats of fisheries resources of significance to customary, commercial or recreational users; or
    7. damage to sites of significance to tangata whenua;
      might result.
  2. Identify the locations where vehicular access is required for boat launching, or as the only practicable means of access to private property or public facilities, or for the operation of existing commercial activities, and make appropriate provision for such access.
  3. Identify any areas where and times when recreational vehicular use on beaches, foreshore and seabed may be permitted, with or without restriction as to type of vehicle, without a likelihood of any of (1)(a) to (g) occurring.
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