In the “New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

Protect historic heritage9 in the coastal environment from inappropriate subdivision, use, and development by:

  1. identification, assessment and recording of historic heritage, including archaeological sites;
  2. providing for the integrated management of such sites in collaboration with relevant councils, heritage agencies, iwi authorities and kaitiaki;
  3. initiating assessment and management of historic heritage in the context of historic landscapes;
  4. recognising that heritage to be protected may need conservation;
  5. facilitating and integrating management of historic heritage that spans the line of mean high water springs;
  6. including policies, rules and other methods relating to (a) to (e) above in regional policy statements, and plans;
  7. imposing or reviewing conditions on resource consents and designations, including for the continuation of activities;
  8. requiring, where practicable, conservation conditions; and
  9. considering provision for methods that would enhance owners’ opportunities for conservation of listed heritage structures, such as relief grants or rates relief.

9Refer to definition in section 2 of the Resource Management Act 1991.

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