In the “New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

  1. Provide in regional policy statements and in plans, as far as practicable, for the control of activities in or near the coastal marine area that could have adverse effects on the coastal environment by causing harmful aquatic organisms7 to be released or otherwise spread, and include conditions in resource consents, where relevant, to assist with managing the risk of such effects occurring.
  2. Recognise that activities relevant to (1) include:
    1. the introduction of structures likely to be contaminated with harmful aquatic organisms;
    2. the discharge or disposal of organic material from dredging, or from vessels and structures, whether during maintenance, cleaning or otherwise; and whether in the coastal marine area or on land;
    3. the provision and ongoing maintenance of moorings, marina berths, jetties and wharves; and
    4. the establishment and relocation of equipment and stock required for or associated with aquaculture.

7Harmful aquatic organisms – as defined in the Glossary.

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