In the “New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement 2010

  1. Recognise that the extent and characteristics of the coastal environment vary from region to region and locality to locality; and the issues that arise may have different effects in different localities.
  2. Recognise that the coastal environment includes:
    1. the coastal marine area;
    2. islands within the coastal marine area;
    3. areas where coastal processes, influences or qualities are significant, including coastal lakes, lagoons, tidal estuaries, saltmarshes, coastal wetlands, and the margins of these;
    4. areas at risk from coastal hazards;
    5. coastal vegetation and the habitat of indigenous coastal species including migratory birds;
    6. elements and features that contribute to the natural character, landscape, visual qualities or amenity values;
    7. items of cultural and historic heritage in the coastal marine area or on the coast;
    8. inter-related coastal marine and terrestrial systems, including the intertidal zone; and
    9. physical resources and built facilities, including infrastructure, that have modified the coastal environment.
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