The Canterbury Marine Resource is an interactive, web-based CD for marine planning, conservation and education.


Canterbury Marine Resource cover.
Canterbury Marine Resource cover

This resource brings together information from over 1200 reports relating to the Coastal-Marine Area (CMA) in the Canterbury Conservancy. Canterbury’s CMA boundaries are defined by the mouths Conway River to the north, the Waitaki River to the south, Mean High Water Mark (MHWM) to the west, and the 12 mile (19.3 km) Territorial Water limit to the east.

The information covers a broad range of topics including the biology and ecology of a vast array of flora and fauna, earth sciences (coastal and oceanic processes, geology and geomorphology), and human use in the CMA such as fishing, outfall discharges, reclamations, recreation and coastal management.

The resource is in the form of a CD, which is easy-to-use, interactive, and allows many reports to be uploaded in their entirety, along with accompanying maps and photographs. Also included are complete copies of the information database and reference list.

The aim of the CD is to make a wide range of information and references readily available to anyone with an interest in the Canterbury CMA, but in particular those who are involved in conservation, planning, management, research, and education.

Publication information

John Benn (primary author)

Published by:
Department of Conservation
Canterbury Conservancy
Private Bag 4715
New Zealand

ISBN: 978-0-478-14563-2


Copies may be available at:

  • libraries
  • New Zealand universities, and
  • major town centres.
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