December 2009
This is a reconnaissance survey report about the Tangihua Ecological District for the Protected Natural Areas Programme.

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Cover of the publication showing raupo reedland, Taikirau Swamp. Photo: Sarah Beadel, Wildland Consultants Ltd. 
Cover of the publication showing raupo
reedland, Taikirau Swamp


Tangihua Ecological District (ED) comprises a complex matrix of natural areas, pastoral land and exotic plantation, with extensive areas of indigenous habitat having been cleared and modified since human settlement. The District, however, retains several large, very diverse forest tracts, together with several large, relatively unmodified and regionally significant freshwater wetlands. It also contains numerous scattered remnants of floodplain and riverine forest, and extensive areas of shrubland.

This report contains a significant amount of information on the ecological values of Tangihua ED, which can be used to effectively guide conservation priorities within the District. Above all, it will help conserve natural areas by providing an important information resource to stake-holders such as landowners, iwi, the Department of Conservation, local bodies, resource management planners, scientists, conservation groups, and the general public.

It rests with the stake-holders to build upon past successes and work collaboratively to ensure the protection and viability of these natural areas.

Publication information

Nick Goldwater, Sarah Beadel, Tim Martin

Report prepared by Wildland Consultants Ltd for:
Department of Conservation
Northland Conservancy

Print ISBN: 978-0-478-14684-4
Web ISBN: 978-0-478-14685-1

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