This is a reconnaissance survey report about the Kaipara Ecological District for the Protected Natural Areas Programme.

The report describes the significant natural areas of the Hokianga Ecological District as surveyed between 1994 and 1995.


The Hokianga Ecological District is centred on the Hokianga Harbour on the west coast of Northland, c. 60 km south of Kaitaia and north of the Waipoua - Waima - Mataraua large forest tract. 

Hokianga contains some large areas of forest and extensive areas of regeneration. The harbours, in particular the saltmarsh and mangrove areas which grade into freshwater wetlands, forest and shrubland sequences, and rare vegetation types such as dunelands, provide the District with its distinctiveness. 

A total of 125 natural areas of ecological significance were identified. Of these, 93 are considered to be of regional or national importance.

Much of the former biodiversity of the Hokianga Ecological District has been lost. The physical and legal protection of identified priority areas for protection would safeguard the remaining biodiversity of the District. 

Publication information

Linda Conning, Wendy Holland and Nigel Miller

Published by
Department of Conservation
Northland Conservancy, P.O. Box 842
Whangarei, New Zealand

© Crown copyright 2004

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