DOC Kiwi Ranger, Tim Raemaekers, at work in the field
Image: Hamish Johnson | DOC


Take a peek behind the scenes and meet some of the DOC team members who are in it for good/whai painga roa.

Conservation work requires more than just scientific knowledge and skills. It needs passion, determination, cooperation, and more. On this page, we introduce you to DOC team members to hear about what they do to help nature thrive, and why they love it.

Meet Biodiversity Ranger, Mithuna

Hear from Mithuna why she loves working with DOC

Mithuna and Max

“I’m a Biodiversity Ranger and I’m lucky because I get to do what I love.”


Mithuna is a Biodiversity Ranger working in Waioeka, near Ōpōtiki. She works closely with the local community, alongside her dog Max.

Mithuna is currently training Max to be a Whio Species Detection Dog, who will help locate populations of the rare native whio/blue duck.

Meet Kiwi Ranger, Tim

Tim tells us what motivates him to work with us on the frontline of saving our kiwi

Kiwi Ranger Tim

“I will come to a point where I’m not watching kiwi die, I’ll be watching kiwi live.”


Being a Kiwi Ranger in rugged Fiordland can be challenging to say the least. Tim is dedicated to monitoring kiwi at Shy Lake to make sure they make it through the intense onslaught of pests.

When none of the 20 kiwi chicks Tim was monitoring made it through the year, he was gutted. But he knows that with upcoming predator control operations there’s hope to save our iconic kiwi.

Learn more about DOC's National Predator Control Programme

Meet Kaitakawaenga, Rob

Rob reminds us of the value of our natural spaces and their unique connection to us
Watch in te reo

Kaitakawaenga Rob

“It’s about making sure we keep the connection between Papatūānuku and humanity strong.”


Rob is the Central North Island kaitakawaenga (relationship lead) with Ngā Whenua Rahui. The role sees him supporting Māori landowners to develop kawenata (conservation covenants) to protect areas ranging from 10,000 ha native bush blocks to areas of remnant bush, wetlands and rivers.

Rob believes that a connection to the natural world is part of all of us. To Rob, the forest is home. Not just for him but for all New Zealanders.

Meet Senior Biodiversity Ranger, Ali

Share Ali's life-changing experience with our native bats

Ali, Senior Biodiversity Ranger

“There are absolute moments of joy, but then moments of absolute despair as well.”


Ali didn’t expect how much the grumpy looking short-tailed bat would change her life. One of the more obscure native animals of New Zealand, Ali has dedicated her working life to preserve these rare oddballs.

From stringing up mist nets in the middle of the night to bush bashing in remote locations, Ali has done it all. Ali feels a real sense of responsibility for these vulnerable creatures and knowing that what she does makes a difference, keeps her driven.

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