Visitors reading DOC safety information, in a DOC Visitor Centre
Image: NZSAR | Creative Commons


There are several resources available to assist organisations working in land safety.

Online Seminar Series

Here are the recordings to the Online Seminar Series which will be of interest to anyone working in visitor safety or risk management.

Creating personalised warnings for future natural hazards by Dr. Sally Potter (GNS)

ACC's behaviour change campaign 'Have a hmmm' by James Whitaker (ACC)

Hunting karakia

Here are the karakia clips to use before embarking on a hunting journey.

Created by: Gavin Wairau

Whakataka te hau

E Rangi E Papa

Karakia kai

Hunting videos

Here are hunting videos with targeted safety messaging and karakia incorporated.

Created by: Gavin Wairau

Mahia hunting NZ

Opotiki hunting NZ

Te Urewera hunting NZ

Hunting NZ chasing reds

Hunting NZ the longest morning ever

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