DOC is progressively implementing a more nationally-consistent and cohesive approach to conservation management.

    We have designed a range of tools and processes to help us to set clearer goals, select conservation priorities, and monitor and report on the effectiveness of its natural heritage work.

    They also allow us, with help from other biodiversity managers, to consistently monitor and report on the condition of, and trends in, New Zealand's biodiversity..

    Because some of New Zealand's most threatened native species and places are on private land, most of the tools and data are designed to be shared with others.

    We are bringing information about conservation priorities into our discussions with communities and iwi about how to manage New Zealand's native species and natural places.

    These conversations are helping identify what is valued at local places, how these fit the bigger picture, and what communities want to achieve for natural heritage in their region.

    All of this will be captured in the conservation management strategies being developed across the country.

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