In the “Statement of Intent 2003 – 2006

New Zealanders treasure their natural environment and their historic heritage. They recognise that New Zealand is special in the world, particularly from an ecological perspective. Over the past 100 years they have:

  • Created a public protected area network.
  • Created legal protection for threatened species.
  • Developed integrated concepts of recreation and use, contingent on preservation and protection.
  • Through legislation, created the Department of Conservation to manage the public interest in conservation in New Zealand.

Evolution through a long period of isolation created New Zealand’s unique flora and fauna and also made it especially vulnerable to new changes associated with human settlement. The Department aims to maintain or restore the condition of a full range of natural environments with the goal of ensuring threatened species again flourish in their natural environments. Ecosystem management, however, is a difficult process that involves managing multiple species and the integration of weed and pest control efforts.

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