In the “Statement of Intent 2003 – 2006

The work of the Department is shaped by the Conservation Act 1987 and subsidiary conservation legislation, and directed by the Government’s key goals and policies.

The Department directly contributes toward achieving the Government’s key goals to:

  • Protect and enhance the environment.
  • Strengthen national identity and uphold the principles of the Treaty of Waitangi.

It also contributes toward achieving the Government’s key goals to:

  • Grow an inclusive, innovative economy for the benefit of all.
  • Improve New Zealanders’ skills.

Together, legislation and the key goals provide the Department with its vision, which is:

New Zealand’s natural and historic heritage is protected; people enjoy it and are involved with the Department in its conservation.

Kei te mahi ngätahi te Papa Atawhai me ngä iwi whänui ki te whakaute, te manaaki me te tiaki i ngä taonga koiora me ngä taonga tuku iho o Aotearoa hei painga mö te katoa.

To achieve this overall objective the Department is undertaking seven key steps to:

  • Protect and restore New Zealand’s natural heritage.
  • Minimise biosecurity risk.
  • Protect and interpret New Zealand’s diverse historic and cultural heritage at places managed by the Department.
  • Promote recreation and increase public enjoyment of places managed by the Department.
  • Engage the community in conservation.
  • Promote effective partnerships with tangata whenua.
  • Improve organisational capability.

The following sections of this Statement of Intent discuss:

  • What the Department is required to do by the legislation.
  • The way in which the Department contributes towards achieving the Government’s goals and the Department’s vision.
  • The level of funding and the relationship between the key steps.
  • The conservation context.
  • The key steps in terms of what is wanted, what will be done, how what will be done will be measured, and why what is done is the best way of achieving what is wanted.
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