In the “Briefing to the new Minister of Conservation 2010

The New Zealand Coastal Policy Statement (NZCPS) Board of Inquiry has submitted a recommended NZCPS and report for your consideration. A summary of the comments received from relevant Government departments, ministries and agencies on the Board’s recommended NZCPS will be provided to you shortly.

Key issues

  • An NZCPS is approved by the Governor-General in Council on your recommendation;
  • You need to consider the Board’s report and recommendations and decide whether to make any changes to the proposed NZCPS 2008, or whether to withdraw all or part of it;
  • Before any new NZCPS is issued it must, under the RMA (section 32), be supported by analysis of the appropriateness, efficiency and effectiveness of objectives and policies;
  • You will need to report to Cabinet on your decisions regarding the NZCPS.
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