In the “Annual Report for year ended 30 June 2007

Supporting the Department’s activities through quality advice and services, by building capability and by acting sustainably.

Some of the Department’s activities contribute to both its high level outcomes, Protection and Appreciation – providing effective policy advice and servicing to Ministers and to a range of statutory bodies. This work is covered by the Output Class: Policy Advice, Servicing the Minister and Statutory Bodies and Statutory Planning, and is reported on in this third section of the 2006–2007 Annual Report.

The Department must also ensure it has the people, financial, information and technological capability now, and in the future, to deliver its two high level outcomes. As well, as a member of the state services, it aspires to achieving the six Development Goals set by the State Services Commission (2005). In the context of building the Department’s capability, Development Goals 1 and 2 are particularly pertinent:

Goal 1: Employer of choice

Goal 2: Excellent state servants.

The Department’s work to develop its capability, with particular regard to the Development Goals, is reported in this section.

Finally, the Department has signed up to Govt3, a programme that encourages central government agencies to make their operations more environmentally sustainable. The Environmental Report, which shows how the Department is doing this, is also provided in this section.

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