Our workplace alcohol and drug policy is for DOC staff, independent contractors and volunteers. Published 2017.

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Workplace alcohol and drug policy (PDF, 260K)


DOC's policy is to eliminate the risk of workers being under the influence of drugs or alcohol in such a way that they could pose a risk to safety and wellbeing.

This policy has been developed by management, the unions and employees with the aim of improving the wellbeing of our people and promoting zero tolerance for the misuse of alcohol and use of drugs in the workplace.

The primary reason DOC has developed these procedures is for the wellbeing of our work teams. Working for DOC, particularly in field activities, involves risk requiring acute judgements and a clear state of mind. Being free of alcohol or drugs is essential.

Misuse of alcohol and drugs can have a range of well-documented negative effects on the individual, their team and DOC, predominantly around safety. The obvious effects include health issues for the person, increased stress and work effort for their team members picking up the slack, and dealing with poor performance and importantly the potential for serious safety consequences.

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