Find out about and view the Nelson Lakes National Park Management Plan 2003.

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Cover Page (PDF, 5K)
Contents Page (PDF, 187K)
Preface (PDF, 11K)
Part 1 - Introduction (PDF, 47K)

Part 2 - Kaitiakitanga (PDF, 11K)
Part 3 - Heritage Preservation (PDF, 31K)

Part 4 - Use and Accessibility (PDF, 73K)

Part 5 - Community Relations (PDF, 12K)
Part 6 - Administration (PDF, 14K)
Part 7 - Implementation and Review (PDF, 9K)
Glossary (PDF, 18K)
Appendix 1 - Areas of Restrict Use (PDF, 6K)
Figure 1 - Areas of Restricted Use (PDF, 437K)


The Nelson Lakes National Park Management Plan provides for the management of Nelson Lakes National Park in accordance with the National Parks Act 1980, the General Policy for National Parks and implements the Nelson/Marlborough Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) 1996.

This management plan contains detailed objectives and policies for the effective management of the park but does not override the provisions of primary legislation, the CMS or General Policy.


Bylaws are in place for Nelson Lakes National Park to control activities within the Park. These bylaws implement the NPMP. View the bylaws.  

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