Find out about and view the Fiordland National Park Management Plan 2007.

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Fiordland National Park Management Plan (PDF, 2,626K)


The Fiordland National Park Management Plan provides for the management of Fiordland National Park in accordance with the General Policy for National Parks 2005 and the National Parks Act. The plan contains detailed objectives and policies for the effective management of the park.

The purpose of this plan is to express the Department of  Conservation’s overall management intentions for Fiordland National Park. It is anticipated that this plan will have two main uses. Firstly, it is an information resource and, secondly, it is a guide for Fiordland National Park managers, commercial operators and the public when considering the future uses of Fiordland National Park.


Bylaws are in place for Fiordland National Park to control activities within the Park. These bylaws implement the NPMP. View the bylaws

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