Find out about and view the Tongariro/Taupo Conservation Management Strategy 2002.

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Tongariro/Taupo Conservation Management Strategy 2002 (PDF, 6,000K)

Note: This PDF is a scan and is poor quality due to the age of the document. 


A conservation management strategy is a statutory document, prepared in accordance with part IIIA of the Conservation Act 1987, which implements general policies and establishes objectives for integrated management of natural and historic resources.

The conduct of activities on public conservation land can only take place in accordance with the relevant conservation management strategy.

The Tongariro/Taupo Conservation Management Strategy (CMS) 2002 sets out the Department of Conservation’s management directions for the Tongariro/Taupo region.

Related statutory plans

The following statutory plans also apply within the area covered by the CMS and need to be read alongside it when considering activities within their areas:

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