This interpretation handbook and standard is a 'how to' guide developed for DOC staff, volunteers and concessionaires involved in interpretation.


Crafting interpretive media requires the elements of research, knowledge, vision, project management and experience to come together in a mix of science and art.

This handbook is designed to assist DOC staff and others translating the conservation vision into action by developing effective messages and stories about New Zealand’s natural and cultural inheritance and its preservation. It provides best practice guidance about communicating clearly, planning interpretation, and guided and self-guided techniques.


We are making the document/s available outside DOC to share our best practice. Any use by members of the public is at their own risk and DOC disclaims all liability in reference to that risk.

The document/s were written for DOC staff and may include DOC-specific terms and reference internal documents only accessible to DOC staff. You may need further help to do the work described and also need to get authorisation. Caveats may apply.

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