The programme of guidance for biodiversity protection on private land and the Statement of national priorities.

DOC is working with the Ministry for the Environment on a broad programme of guidance about biodiversity protection on private land including information sharing, building awareness and mechanisms available to achieve protection.

As part of this programme, the Minister of Conservation and the Minister for the Environment issued a Statement of national priorities for protecting rare and threatened native biodiversity on private land in April 2007.

This statement provides local authorities, communities and private land owners with information about the types of ecosystems and habitats on private land that from a national perspective are most threatened and hence in need of protection.

Further information

Statement of national priorities

Maps of National Priority 1

National Priority 1 is to protect indigenous vegetation associated with land environments, (defined by Land Environments of New Zealand at Level lV), that have 20 percent or less remaining in indigenous cover
National Priority 1 – national map.

Threat classifications

The New Zealand threat classification system is revised on a regular basis. 

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