A close up of a common wasp (vespula vulgaris)

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We work with Stuff and community organisations on the Wasp Wipeout project to increase wasp control and reduce their numbers in some areas worst affected by wasps.

Wasp wipeout logo.
Wasp wipeout logo

Introduced wasps are one of the most damaging insect pests in New Zealand. They harm our native birds and insects. Wasps are also a significant nuisance for people.

The project targets German and common wasp populations in late summer using the Vespex wasp baiting system that reduces wasp numbers by more than 90%.

How the project works

Stuff leads a Wasp Wipeout campaign on its website and in its newspapers as well as other means. This raises awareness of the wasp problem and encourages donations for wasp control and for people to volunteer and help. 

DOC provides technical expertise and plans and carries out wasp control at priority sites on public conservation land. This helps protect native wildlife. It also helps prevent wasps from being a nuisance to visitors at tracks, huts and picnic spots.

The donated funds support community groups and volunteers to do wasp control in conservation areas and at other places

Summer 2019/20

The Wasp Wipeout wasp control programme is being extended in summer 2019/20 to include Auckland, Wellington-Kapiti and Central Otago. It will also continue in Nelson Tasman, Marlborough and parts of Canterbury and the West Coast.

The Tasman Environmental Trust manages donated funds and helps with administration support.

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand coordinates and delivers wasp control.

Stuff is seeking donations for the wasp control. You can donate at Givealittle

Wasp Wipeout's achievements

DOC first partnered with Stuff and the Tasman Environmental Trust in Wasp Wipeout in Nelson Tasman in summer 2016/17. Since then, the project has expanded to include more regions.

  • In 2018/19, $80,000 in donations enabled wasp control on about 30,000 hectares in Nelson Tasman, Marlborough and parts of Canterbury and the West Coast.
  • In 2017/18 summer, $80,000 in donations enabled wasp control on about 20,000 hectares in Nelson Tasman, Marlborough and Canterbury.
  • In 2016/17, donations of over $55,000 enabled wasp control over 10,600 hectares in Nelson Tasman.

Our Wasp Wipeout partners


Tasman Environmental Trust

Conservation Volunteers New Zealand

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