One Shot and DOC are working together to promote conservation initiatives and educate the public about our unique ecosystem.


One Shot is New Zealand’s leading stock image agency, representing some of New Zealand’s top professional photographers.

In November 2015, DOC and One Shot signed a partnership agreement to supply great imagery for DOC and conservation initiatives. Read a media release.

Promoting DOC's work

Thanks to this partnership, DOC can license images from participating photographers and use these images on the DOC website and in brochures, presentations, reports, interpretation panels, merchandise and more.

By having access to high quality and impactful imagery, DOC is able to raise awareness and educate the public about conservation initiatives and sensitive areas.

The imagery will also help DOC promote our unique ecosystem, especially our fragile native flora and fauna, as well as recreation activities and DOC huts, tracks and campsites.

Quality images that tell a story

This partnership also enables DOC staff to request the services of top professional photographers to cover conservation projects which are run either by DOC or by our community partners.

Photographers agree to accompany a project and take images to help tell the story of a specific initiative. 

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