Backcountry Trust funds and supports volunteers to maintain huts and shared-use tracks.

DOC’s works in partnership with the Backcountry Trust to fund volunteer work on huts and tracks. This supports our aim to benefit New Zealander's recreation.

The Trust is an independent entity established by the Federated Mountain Clubs of New Zealand, New Zealand Deerstalkers Association and Trail Fund NZ. It's primarily funded by DOC. 

What work does the trust do?

Trust volunteers are passionate about outdoor recreation and preserving Aotearoa’s rich inheritance of remote huts and tracks. Their work helps maintain access to our country's remote places for future generations of backcountry explorers.

Since its inception in 2014, volunteers have restored of over 100 huts and maintained 900 km of walking and mountain biking tracks. Over 1,400 volunteers have invested 35,000 hours into these projects.

More information about the Trust and the great work undertaken by backcountry volunteers can be found on their website and facebook page.

Support the Trust to achieve their goals by donating online.

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