Fonterra and DOC working together to to improve the natural habitats of key waterways.


DOC and Fonterra are working together to improve the natural habitats within five catchments in significant dairying regions around New Zealand.

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Woman standing in wetlands.
Nicki Atkinson (DOC) takes samples at Waituna Lagoon
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DOC and Fonterra are investing $20 million over 10 years between 2013 and 2023.

We're trialling solutions to help improve freshwater ecosystems and accelerate environmentally sustainable farming in five significant regions around New Zealand.

Fonterra and DOC both recognise that fresh water and healthy ecosystems underpin New Zealand’s environmental health, community well-being and economic prosperity.

Living Water is working with others to co-design solutions and:

  • try them out in five catchments
  • cost them
  • plan how to take them to scale across New Zealand.

The five catchments

  • Wairua River, Northland
  • Pūkorokoro-Miranda, Firth of Thames
  • Waikato Peat Lakes
  • Ararira-LII River, Te Waihora/Lake Ellesmere
  • Waituna Lagoon, Southland

For more information, see the Living Water website.

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