Our volunteer programme by region lists opportunities for conservation projects with the Department of Conservation. DOC staff are involved in supervising and/or working with volunteers.

Volunteers help with many different conservation tasks such as bird counts, historic building restoration, hut maintenance, habitat restoration, weed control, whale strandings, tree planting, and giving talks.

Being a volunteer is fun. You get to meet others, learn new skills, and experience conservation in action.

Conservation volunteers make an important contribution to conservation in New Zealand and we'd like to thank all our volunteers from New Zealand and overseas for your help.

How to apply

Contact the Conservation Volunteer Coordinator at the relevant Department of Conservation office for application details. They might have their own forms that you will need to fill out, and will tell you the the process.

Our volunteer goals

  • Conservation volunteers are contributing to increased gains in the conservation of New Zealand’s natural, historic and cultural heritage.
  • An increasing number and variety of people are engaged in conservation volunteering.
  • Conservation volunteers are increasing their understanding of and commitment to conservation.
  • Conservation volunteers are increasing their skills and confidence to carry out conservation work.
  • Conservation volunteers find working with DOC a rewarding and highly valued experience.

International volunteers

The Department's Volunteer Programme focuses on providing opportunities for local communities, then other New Zealanders and then overseas visitors.

Other volunteering opportunities

You can also volunteer with other conservation groups to help them with their projects. Many of the activities and projects have threatened species management as one of their goals.


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For general volunteering information email volunteer@doc.govt.nz or contact your local DOC office