View chapter 13. Organisational health and capability of the Annual Report for year ended 30 June 2011.


This section reports on the main initiatives DOC is taking to strengthen its ability to work towards achievement of the outcome and the six intermediate outcomes. It includes a report on equal employment opportunities. The context is set by the current operating environment and likely changes in the future.

There are three main programmes of work under way to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of DOC’s work: the natural heritage management system (NHMS), DOC’s destination management approach, and the business improvement programme. The first two are discussed in sections 3, 5 and 7, while the business improvement programme is described below. There is an ongoing focus on ensuring that financial management systems are fit-for-purpose and foster continued improvements in efficiency and effectiveness. In addition, the Commercial Business Unit is building the capability and systems DOC needs to transform its approach to commercial operations (this is discussed in section 9).

DOC continues to improve natural heritage management by building capability, both within DOC and the community, by supporting research to provide information, and by developing technology, techniques and processes. DOC continues to build internal biosecurity awareness and capability.

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