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Hector's dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori hectori) satellite tagging, health and genetic assessment project



This report documents a trial that was intended to evaluate the efficacy and safety of satellite tagging for potential application to the critically endangered Maui’s dolphin (Cephalorhynchus hectori maui).

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Table of contents

Part one: pages 1-28 (PDF, 406K)

  • Table of contents
  • Acknowledgements
  • List of figures
  • List of tables
  • Introduction
  • Methods
  • Results

Part two: pages 29-39 (PDF, 502K)

  • Satellite tracking data

Part three: pages 40-49 (PDF, 424K)

  • Satellite tracking data continued

Part four: pages 50-59

  • Satellite tracking data continued

Part five: pages 60-77

  • Satellite tracking data continued
  • Monitoring
  • Discussion
  • References
  • Appendix: Wildlife computers program sheets

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Publication information

Prepared by Gregory Stone, Alistair Hutt, Padraig Duignan, Jonas Teilmann, Robert Cooper, Katja Geschke, Austen Yoshinaga, Kirsty Russell, Alan Baker, Rob Suisted, Scott Baker, Jennifer Brown, Gareth Jones, and David Higgins.  Submitted to the Department of Conservation (DOC), Auckland Conservancy, in fulfillment of a contract to the New England Aquarium, Central Wharf, Boston, MA, 02110, USA.

This report is made available on the DOC website but has not been published under the Department of Conservation's usual processes. Users should refer to NIWA or the author of the report for any conditions relating to its use and any disclaimers.