Rahu Saddle Tracks - Reefton

Alert/Important notice

Duffy's route has large windfall trees on the last 300 metres of track and is difficult to navigate.

Track category

Tramping track


These tracks lead up in Victoria Forest Park from SH7, in between Reefton and Springs Junction.

Duffy's Creek Track

Time/Distance: 3hours / 4.4km return
Start/end point: Rahu Saddle SH7

This is a lovely day walk that is “off the beaten track”. The track is a bit rough through the bush but it isn’t far up to where it opens out to a large ephemeral lake. The wilderness feel so close to the road is enhanced by the large granite cliffs rising from the end of the valley. 

Alpine basin with tarns.
Alpine basin with tarns

Lake Stream Route

Time/distance: 3hours 30min/7.2km one way 

This is easy alpine ambience at its best. Tramp for half a day to arrive at a quaint 2 bunk hut. This route starts from a carpark 3km upstream from Tobins Bridge on SH7. The route follows Lake Stream, crossing it several times. To extend the adventure take a map and compass for a walk onto the tops behind the hut to gain views into the Maruia Valley. 

View from Mt Haast route.
View from Mt Haast route

Mount Haast Route

Time/distance: 6hours / 5km return 

This is the fastest way to the bush line from Reefton. From a carpark beside the Upper Inangahua Bridge, there is a very steep two hour climb to the bushline on a well-formed route. It is another hour along the right-hand ridge to the pyramid-shaped peak of 1587m Mt Haast which provides spectacular views of nearby glacial valleys and the Main Divide. 

Klondyke routes

Time/distance: 2 hours/4.5km one way (valley); 2 hours 30 mins/ 2km one way (spur)
Start/end point: Rahu Saddle SH7 

The Klondyke Valley track leads you up the valley to a tussock basin enclosed by steep granite cliffs. The Klondyke Spur route is a steeper climb leading above the bushline onto the ridge, providing spectacular views of the Victoria Range. Experienced trampers may continue along the spur and drop into the right branch of the Rahu River to join with the valley route as a round trip. Do not attempt to take a low sidle as this will lead you to dangerous bluffs.

Getting there

Drive from Reefton or Springs Junction on SH7 to the Rahu Saddle. All of the tracks/routes are well signposted from the highway with good pull offs and carparking. These routes are excellent day walks giving access to tussock tops. Base yourself in Reefton for a weekend away.


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