Akeake Historic Reserve Track

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Walking track


13 - 30 min one way


1.4 km including walking out to the pa site and completing the loop track.


Spectacular views out over the Te Puna and Kerikeri Inlets from the viewing platform on Tareha Pa.
Spectacular views out over the Te Puna and Kerikeri Inlets from the viewing platform on Tareha Pa

The main Akeake Historic Reserve track begins at the boat-ramp end of Opito Bay beach. Look for the track sign at the start of a right-of-way located between two houses. A series of steps climb to a four-way junction. You have three choices of track at this point.

Lizzie (Lizard Bay)

Completion time: 15 min one way

Go straight ahead to the pebble beach known locally as Lizzie (Lizard) Bay. This bay is sheltered from most winds and is a popular swimming and fishing spot.

Tareha pa

Completion time: 30 min one way

Turn right along the well-marked track over a pre-European defensive ditch to the viewing platform on Tareha pa. A great spot to watch the sun rise over the Te Puna and Kerikeri inlets, Moturoa and Cocked Hat Islands and east toward Rakaumangamanga  and the Cape Brett peninsula.

Before the ditch, there is another sign, which directs you to a track to your right. This short walk has great views but steep drop-offs, so care should be taken. The track then joins the top end of Opito Bay Road and drops back down to the boat ramp.

Views of Tareha Point and the Akeake Historic Reserve

Completion time: 30 min one way

Turn left at the junction and the track takes you westward to a seat with a view of Tareha Point and the Akeake Historic Reserve. Continue for another 5 minutes, the track exits on to a private (shared) driveway, follow this to Opito Bay Road. Turn left downhill to the beach and then back to the beginning of the Akeake Historic Reserve track by the boat ramp.

10,000 Steps Northland: This track equates to about 2,400 steps. Learn more about this programme on the Sport Northland website.

Getting there

The Akeake Historic Reserve Track begins at Opito Bay, 13 km from Kerikeri. A sign near the boat ramp at the eastern end of the Opito Bay beach marks the entrance to the track, which leads between houses and enters the Akeake Historic Reserve.


Fishing Fishing
Historic sites Historic sites
Swimming Swimming

About the area

There are traps and tracking tunnels in the reserve maintained by the New Zealand Kiwi Foundation (visit NZ Kiwi Foundation website) and local community to preserve this delicate ecosystem. Akeake Historic Reserve is well known for its kiwi, so dogs are definitely not allowed in this area.

Plan and prepare

  • You will encounter steep cliffs alongside the track. Please take care and supervise young children.
  • No dogs or fires due to risks to wildlife. Akeake Historic Reserve is a kiwi area.

Help stop kauri dieback

Kauri dieback disease is killing our native kauri. It spreads by soil movement, but you can help prevent it.

  • Stay on the track and off kauri roots.
  • Clean your gear before and after visiting kauri forests.

Visit the kauri dieback website for more information on how you can help.

Track location map

Map of Akeake Historic Reserve.

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