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Alert/Important notice

Pest control operation

Cobb Valley from the Cobb Power House, the Mt Arthur Tablelands north of Salisbury Lodge and west to the Marshall Ranges and central Tasman mountains

DOC carried out an aerial 1080 operation in the area on 7–8 November 2014 to control rats, possums and other predators as part of our Battle for our Birds programme.

The area included approximately 50,000 ha of Kahurangi National Park including all of the Cobb Valley from the Cobb Power House, the Mt Arthur Tablelands north of Salisbury Lodge and west to the Marshall Ranges and central Tasman mountains. View a map (PDF, 5,820K).

All DOC tracks within the operational block were temporarily closed during the 1080 bait application until the tracks were inspected by DOC staff and as many baits and carcasses removed as possible. The section of Cobb Road between the Cobb Power House and Cobb information kiosk was also included.

Further track and Cobb Road inspections are scheduled but bait can continue to fall onto the tracks and road from overhead vegetation for many days after the operation. Do not touch the baits or carcasses.

For further information contact the DOC Takaka Office, phone +64 3 525 8026.

Track category

Tramping track


Walks from the access road

Asbestos Cottage

Time: 1 hr, 30 min
Distance: 6 km one way

This track leaves the access road two kilometres past the powerhouse and follows the old (now disused) asbestos mine access road. Initially it is a path, becoming a tramping track at the first slip.

At the old mine, rusting relics remind us of another era. Beyond the mine the track steepens and climbs for 30 minutes to Asbestos Cottage, home of Annie Chaffey and her intrepid asbestos miner husband, Henry, for 40 years. 

Bullock Track (Asbestos Cottage to Cobb Reservoir)

Time: 2-3 hr
Distance: 4 km one way

The track goes downhill for 30 minutes from Asbestos Cottage to join the Bullock Track, then winds up to the Cobb Ridge where the gradient eases and it joins the Cobb Ridge Track to Peat Flat. It then crosses part of the flat before descending steeply to the road beside Cobb Reservoir. 

Ridge-top routes (Cobb Lookout to Myttons Hut)

Time: 4 hr
Distance: 8 km one way

This route leaves the Cobb Road near the information kiosk and runs along the Cobb Ridge above the reservoir to meet the Bullock Track near Peat Flat. From here the route climbs onto Peel Ridge before descending on the Lake Peel Track to the head of Cobb Reservoir. 

Short walks in the Cobb Valley 

Cobb Dam to Lake Sylvester

Time: 2 hr
Distance: 5 km one way

This walking track zigzags up through beech forest and levels as it approaches the open tops. There are a number of lakes, all glacial in origin, within easy and not-so-easy reach of Sylvester Hut. There are no markers beyond Lake Sylvester.

Lake Peel Track

Time: 2 hr 30 min
Distance: 4.5 km one way

A short walk (10 minutes) leads up to Myttons Hut. Beyond the hut, the tramping track winds steadily up to Peel Ridge (1 hr 30 min - 2 hr). It crosses the ridge and then drops down, before sidling around to the beautiful ice-sculptured basin that holds Lake Peel. 

Walks in upper Cobb Valley 

Cobb Valley Track

Trilobite Hut to Fenella Hut

Time: 4 hr, 30 min
Distance: 12 km one way

Tarn near Fenella Hut
Tarns near Fenella Hut

Follow the walking track from Trilobite Hut up the Cobb Valley for 1 hr 30 min to reach Chaffey Hut.

From there a tramping track continues up the valley floor. It takes about 2 hr 30 min to get to Cobb Hut where a 30 minute side trip will take you to Cobb Lake, with Round Lake a further hour. These lakes provided water to the earlier hydro-electric development.

Beyond Cobb Hut the track climbs for about 30 minutes to a series of glacier-worn rocky steps to Fenella Hut. Fenella Hut was built as a memorial to Fenella Druce, who was killed in 1977 when the Three Johns Hut was blown over a bluff in Aoraki/Mount Cook National Park. 

Getting there

From Upper Takaka a narrow 28km road leads to Cobb Reservoir - care is required. The road then follows the lakeside to Trilobite Hut.

Road distances to Trilobite Hut: From Nelson 123km, Motueka 73km, Takaka 60km.


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