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Canoes departing from John Coull Hut, Whanganui River. Photo: J. R Lythgoe.
Canoes departing from John Coull Hut,
Whanganui River

The 145 kilometre river journey from Taumarunui to Pipiriki takes an average 5 days to complete by canoe. A shorter 3 day journey from Whakahoro to Pipiriki is also possible. Although a river journey, the Whanganui is part of New Zealand's Great Walks network. Distances between campsites and huts are as follows:

  • Cherry Grove, Taumarunui to Ohinepane campsite — 22 kilometres
  • Ohinepane to Poukaria campsite — 14 kilometres
  • Poukaria to Maharanui campsite — 17 kilometres
  • Maharanui to Whakahoro campsite — 4 kilometres
  • Whakahoro to Mangapapa campsite — 11 kilometres
  • Mangapapa to Ohauora campsite — 16 kilometres
  • Ohauora to John Coull Hut — 10.5 kilometres
  • John Coull Hut to Mangawaiiti campsite — 9.5 kilometres
  • Mangawaiiti to Mangapurua campsite — 9 kilometres
  • Mangapurua to Tieke Kainga — 10.5 kilometres
  • Tieke to Ngaporo campsite — 12.5 kilometres
  • Ngaporo to Pipiriki — 8 kilometres

Location map

Location map of Whanganui Journey. 


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